Motor Sports: Calendar

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ASN Motor Sports Events Calendar
Feb. 20Rotax Max 1st Round
Mar. 19Rotax Max 2nd Round
Apr. 2Rotax Max 3rd Round
Apr. 9-1032nd Spring Rally
Apr. 16Rotax Max 4th Round
Apr. 171st Speed test Amateur / Superseries
May 21-222nd Speed test + 1st Drift
May 29Hill Climb - 1st Event
June 44x4 - 1st Event
June 11Rotax Max 5th Round
June 125th Jezzine Rally
July 2Rotax Max 6th Round
Jul. 9-1025th Cedar's Rally
Jul. 17Hill Climb 2nd Event
Jul. 23-243rd Speed test + 2nd drift
Jul. 30X30 Karting 1st Round
Jul. 314x4 - 2nd Event
Aug. 7Hill Climb 3rd Event
Sep. 2,3,439th Rally of Lebanon - ME Rally Championship
Sep. 10X30 Karting 2nd Round
Sep. 17Rotax Max 7th Round
Sep. 17-184th speed test + 3rd Drift
Sep. 24X30 Karting 3rd Round
Oct. 1-25th Speed test Amateur/Superseries + 4th Drift
Oct. 164x4 - 3rd Event
Oct. 255th Drift or CPD
Oct. 30X30 Karting 4th Round